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Engineered wood flooring is very popular, and more and more homeowners are gravitating towards this option when renovating or updating their homes. Engineered wood flooring is an environmentally-friendly option and is also a sustainable alternative, which makes it ideal for every house. 

There are a number of benefits you will get to enjoy when you choose engineered wood flooring, including:

1. Environmentally Friendly Alternative

The process of manufacturing engineered wood flooring uses a lot less of the tree per plank than solid hardwood flooring and creates little to no pollutants during production. Additionally, the veneer is sliced rather than cut, which produces less sawdust and creates little to no pollutants. Engineered wood flooring is durable and is made to withstand moisture, which reduces the need for regular replacement. Damaged planks are easy to remove if your flooring does need to be replaced, and all of this will reduce your wood usage. 

2. Warm and Cozy Atmospheres

Engineered wood flooring can help you create the perfect atmosphere. Whether you want your space to be warm and inviting or are looking to create a beautiful space that is unique, engineered wood flooring will provide you with the look you’re after. Your home will have a beautiful appearance and with the wide range of colours and finishes that are available, your style preferences can be accommodated because the possibilities are endless in terms of design.

3. Durability

Flooring must be durable, and engineered wood flooring is made up of layers and layers of plywood that are bonded together before being topped off with a solid wood lamella or top layer. This means it is very tough, and engineered wood flooring can stand up to heavy foot traffic in any area of the home. Engineered wood flooring is so durable that it can be used in moisture prone areas like basements and bathrooms because it can tolerate moisture and will not warp or become damaged. 

4. Will Not Expand and Contract

As a result of its construction, engineered wood flooring will not expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood, and this is a significant advantage. Engineered wood flooring is especially ideal in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture levels and temperatures fluctuate a lot, and you can install this type of flooring without worrying.

5. Cost

You can get the look of real wood without breaking the bank because this is an affordable flooring option and does not cost a fortune. You will have beautiful flooring and will love the results because engineered wood flooring is available in a wide range of species, grades, and finishes. You can achieve the exact look you want by choosing the finish that will best suit your lifestyle. 

The experts at Hardwood Plus will provide you with more information regarding engineered wood flooring. We can answer all of your questions and will further discuss the many benefits of this material. If you are interested in upgrading your flooring, contact our team today!