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engineered flooringHere at Hardwood Plus, we have years of experience and are experts in the construction and refurbishment industries. We have been providing homeowners with beautiful flooring for years and take pride in our work. We understand the needs and ideas of both architects and designers and know all about the specific and demanding requirements they have to create beautiful spaces that are unique.

Here are 6 reasons why our solid wood flooring is the ideal match for architects and designers:

1. Sustainable Living And Design

We can repurpose solid wood flooring, which means you don’t always have to start from scratch. Repurposing is a great way to improve energy efficiency and is also cost-effective. This will decrease energy demand and will always provide you with the best flooring. 

2. Sustainability And Ethics

We all have a responsibility when it comes to our planet, and protecting its future and ethical and sustainable architecture is critical in this regard. We source our flooring from reliable sources and only offer flooring materials that come from certified, sustainable, and well-managed forests. We are able to identify the materials we carry and will only provide our customers with the best options. 

3. We Offer Unbiased And Professional Advice

We have been working with architects and designers for many years and offer professional and unbiased advice for all types of projects. You can rely on our information because it is honest, and our team will always ensure the successful installation of wood flooring. 

4. We Offer Unique Designs

We know that no two projects are the same and understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  We offer unique flooring options and designs to meet the style preferences of every client, and this is true regardless of the size of your space. We will do whatever it takes to meet your project’s needs and will provide you with the colour and finish you want. 

5. Strength and Durability

Flooring must be durable and strong, and this is something we can guarantee. High traffic areas in particular require durable flooring, and we will make professional recommendations to ensure you select the best type of flooring for your space. Whether you need engineered flooring or solid wood flooring, we will discuss the benefits of every option and will help you make informed decisions. 

6. Fast Delivery and Installation

Architects and designers need to get started on their projects right away to please their clients, and we can ensure flooring is delivered fast for easy installation. We have acquired knowledge and expertise over the years and know how to stock items to meet our clients’ needs. Some projects have tricky time constraints, but we can accommodate your requests. Do not hesitate to ask about demanding requirements and specific lead times. 

If you require more information regarding engineered flooring or have questions regarding your next project, connect with our team to learn more about our flooring options and services!