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Water Proof Laminate Floors

Water Proof Laminate Floors

Water Proof Laminate flooring is another imitation hardwood flooring option. Laminate flooring is Water Proof similar to vinyl flooring in the sense that it has a realistic wood image layered on top of a sturdy core. Laminate differs from vinyl flooring because the core is different. Laminate flooring cores are made from wood byproducts as opposed to PVC plastics. They are, however, able to easily add textures to your floors in a way vinyl cannot. Many homeowners gear towards laminate flooring for their easy-to-install convenience. Leave out your laminate floorboards for around two days to allow the air time to circulate. This prevents warping and allows you an easier install process.

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Cost Of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is extremely cost-effective. It is the cheapest option out of traditional hardwood, engineered hardwood, and vinyl flooring. Laminate flooring is inexpensive without sacrificing aesthetics as well! Pick up your laminate flooring for as little as $3 per square foot up to $7.00

How Durable Is Laminate Flooring?

So long as laminate flooring is installed with care and properly, laminate flooring is quite durable. Laminate flooring is able to handle moisture and spills a lot better than traditional woods and holds up well regardless of where it is installed and how much it is walked on. Laminate hardwood flooring has had a bad reputation amongst some homeowners, though quality laminate often tiles out lives a number of other flooring options when installed and maintained.

Laminate Flooring Maintenance

Unlike other flooring options, the best way to maintain your laminate floors takes place before installation rather than after. Leaving your laminate flooring in the house on it’s own for two days prior to installation will prevent the particle board from warping after it has been installed. Just remember not to walk on laminate flooring for at least 24 hours after installation. When it comes to actually maintaining your laminate floors, you can carefully mop them once every two months, being sure to dust or vacuum them in between and as necessary.

How Long Do Laminate Floors Last?

Laminate flooring lasts well in homes for around 15-25 years. It can be likened to vinyl flooring in longevity and holds up well against the natural home elements. Because laminate flooring is not attached to the subfloor, it also fares quite well in a number of different home climates.

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