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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is so versatile and adds elegance to every space. Hardwood comes in a wide assortment of colours and is made from a variety of trees.

What Is Hardwood Flooring?

Traditional hardwood flooring is made from slabs of timber from a number of different trees. Each hardwood floor panel is completely unique. They are cut into equal length, thickness, and width. They are then installed on top of a subfloor and special paper. The team at Hardwood Plus is made up of flooring experts who are more than happy to make recommendations.

Hardwood Flooring

How Much Does Hardwood Flooring Cost?

Hardwood flooring costs range from $7-$15 per square foot. The price of wood is higher than some alternatives for a few reasons. The more durable the wood, the more expensive it is. Certain woods are also quite difficult to work with, they look great, but because they tend to be a challenge, they are more expensive. Finally, rare woods like cherry or sandalwood are more expensive than traditional hardwood like oak or maple. Let the experts at Hardwood Plus find you the best flooring options in your budget!

Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Hardwood floors need to be properly cared for if you want them to last. They are prone to scratching and water damage. To clean wood floors, use an oil-based wood floor cleaning soap. Try to clean up spills as soon as they happen instead of leaving them to evaporate or be absorbed by the wood. When you vacuum, avoid using the beater bar because it can cause scratches. Every few years, you may be interested in refinishing your wood floors. Refinishing is a process where the top layer of the wood is buffed and restrained to reveal almost brand new
looking floors.

How Long Do Hardwood Floors Last?

Hardwood floors can last upwards of 30 years with proper care. It has not been uncommon for hardwood floors to last even longer. Hardwood is unique because if a section of hardwood is damaged, it can easily be repaired and look good as new. Make your hardwood last even longer by refinishing them regularly. Hardwood can be refinished every seven to ten years, hold off a little more to make your flooring last even longer.

For all your hardwood floor needs, visit Hardwood Plus today! When you call our location, our team will be happy to show you each of our options and help you find the right size, material and colour.

We Are Here to Help!

Whether you are planning a new home build or renovation in the next few weeks or months, you can count on Hardwood Plus to provide you with the best advice, accurate estimates and exceptional customer service.


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