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Hardwood flooring provides homeowners with a number of benefits, including durability and a beautiful appearance. You will be very happy with this type of flooring, but you have to consider your needs so that you make the right choice.

You need to take your time when selecting the style and material of flooring because there are a variety of textures, colors and designs you can choose from, and your decision will impact both the appearance and feel of your space. You need to consider your family’s needs and your lifestyle carefully, as some options may be more suitable than others.

Hardwood flooring is an excellent option you can consider, and you will be able to customize your floors and will have flexibility with the design. It is a great flooring option for almost any room, including kitchens and bedrooms, because it is comfortable and warm under bare feet. Additionally, authentic wood products are also very durable and long-lasting if you care for them properly and will add character and a natural design element to your space. You will get to choose the colour, grain and stain you like, so you will get to choose options based on your personal taste and style.

When making your choice, think of the functionality of the room you’re renovating and whether or not you need moisture resistance. Consider your design preferences and how often you want to clean because these will help with your choice. You need to first decide between solid or engineered wood flooring along with the type of wood you want. These are big decisions, so you need to choose wisely because different woods will offer different benefits for functionality. Colour and design are important, but wood species are something you really need to think about because some are harder than others, so they will be more durable. If you are installing new flooring in a high traffic area, harder wood would be best, so these are things you need to think about. Oak and walnut are very popular options, as are hickory and maple, and there are more exotic options available as well, including ash and mahogany.

Next, you’ll have to consider grain pattern, appearance and board width because hardwood flooring planks come in a variety of sizes. Wider planks will help you create a more luxurious appearance, but they are more expensive. Once these aspects have been finalized, you will have to decide on the finish of your flooring, and this will dictate how you care for and clean your hardwood floors. You can purchase floors that are prefinished or unfinished, so this is something else you’ll have to look into.

The experts at Hardwood Plus will help you select the right flooring. We will discuss every aspect, including cost and installation, so you can come to us for all of your hardwood flooring needs. If you are in the Hamilton, Ancaster or Burlington areas, contact us today!